the billion dollar eco-challenge

November 23, 2008

so first off i don’t actually have anywhere close to a billion dollars.   i hover at any one time around the 4 figure mark, with heady ascents into 5 figures that quickly become depressing slogs through 3 figure doldrums.  but that won’t stop me from robbing and murdering, raping even, to get a billion dollars for the person who solves this puzzle.

we need to consider two things:  the pacific ocean garbage patch and nanotech.  the pacific ocean garbage patch (google it, i’ll wait) is a massive, texas-sized patch of plastic trash floating in the middle of the pacific ocean.  it’s replacing a significant portion of the food chain, and basically insuring our demise on the planet.  now before you go and hang yourself…

the other consideration is nanotechnology, which promises riches such as molecular sized filters that will scrub water of their toxins, creating the next revolutions in manufacturing, war, food, etc.

so will someone plz make a atom-machine that we can dump in the goddamn ocean and degrade the plastic quicker?  THX  for my part, i promise to bone up the dough.  who cares how i do it.


3 Responses to “the billion dollar eco-challenge”

  1. Gregg Says:

    I cannot promise you nanotech. But I do have a solution to the plastic issue.

    just pretend like it isnt there!


    but seriously… Ill get on it. no nanotech. dissolving it is impossible to do without destroying microbial life and filter feeders..

    what about a loose static dredge that will simply attract a large body of the trash to an ion plate. the trash then extends the ion dredge’s range?

    I vote static ion dredge. its plastic in the end right? should work…

    hmmm… im gonna be rich!

  2. astronymous Says:

    rich isnt even the word for it.

    you’ll be able to pit millionaires against each other in battles to the death.

    MY nanotech would go into the microbe and gently dissolve the plastic into helpful hamburgers and sunlight

  3. Gregg Says:

    helpful hamburger = the best bandname. PERIOD!

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