utopian sherman oaks

November 24, 2008

i wake up with the sun and check the plants.  grab some chamomile off the lawn for tea, maybe see if there’s some coffee left.  the animals are already awake, running back and forth trying to keep the squirrels out.  the crops sedate the air, from the low-lying peppers and sqaushes to the regal marijuana and corn plants.  the trees hold sway over the still hot dryness of the morning.  i grab an apple and a fig and head out to get some water. 

the DWP has since converted into a desalinating nanofiltration system, but they lack decent delivery methods, so they’ve set up stations at five-mile increments.  for me, that means i have to grab my bike and head out daily to grab my 15 gallons of water.  the paths are set up for this, tho, there’s an electric rail going through the center, and wide paths where hazeltine used to be.  these are lined, too, with crops of all kinds, plots set up and maintained for the commonwealth.  it’s a struggle to keep homeless people out of there, but the need for that is declining as housing stabilizes.

i haven’t seen a car or airplane in 5 years. 

i get my water, grab a chicken sandwich from a stand.  the chickens come from 4 miles away, in a communal run where they are tagged genetically.  that stands where the 101 used to be.  all that highway was converted into pasture. 

people look at each other, compare methods of growing things.  the seasons are understood.  the power is local and we don’t want for anything.  the world is overflowing with intellectual energy focused on how to solve the lasting problems of the last three centuries.  the powerful are in the street laughing and arguing with everyone else, their money has been totally replaced by wealth.  discourse and public discussion is at an all time high.  there are no slaves or wage slaves, because technology has replaced them.  new technology is weighed for its contribution to the totality of a susatinable human race, and debated and voted upon locally.

algae is grown for fuel and scrubs the air.  we make degradable plastics from it, which creates our computers.  the computers of the 20th century, with their toxic monitors and energy guzzling fans and lights, are a thing of the past. 

nature is recovering.  travel is done for spiritual enlightenment.  science, art and technology have become the same thing.

i ride home and make some soup, am surrounded by my wife, my friends and animals.  we check our batteries and algae tanks to see if we can record in the night.  there’s enough for us to stay up until dawn growing and evolving our genres.  we program, learn parts, argue, take drugs and drink.  i fall asleep between the rows of bok choy and wake up with ant-bites all over my leg.  i take a quick shower and play some video games.


3 Responses to “utopian sherman oaks”

  1. Gregg Says:

    God I hope so.

  2. TSGolden Says:

    In this utopia: Is capitalization banned? How do ant bites exist in utopia? I guess they are better than mosquito bites. Please tell me mosquitoes have been eliminated off the planet and been replaced with a great increase with benign, friendly bumble bees.

    The rest sounds very ideal. Sounds very Spective Earthian.

  3. astronymous Says:

    i think the free market would have to be at least mildly regulated.

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