lust and sugar

November 28, 2008

we tear off the remains of what hang out there and bring it in here. 

we bake it and pour butter on top of it and theorize about roller coasters and what we must do to make the gravity work in our favor.  downward spirals, saddle loops, centerfuges.  we throw sugar carmelizing like steel workers, we weave forms like mathemetician spiders.  we capture our fly and draw cuts on him and wrap him up.  he dies.

there is a space wider than the ocean, than the stars, made of dark strands of butter through the oily sugar.  it looks like neurons, like connective tissue, holding an arm to a shoulder and through the breast to a beating black heart pumping spikes of cotton candy out at the speed of light for a billion miles.  we have written ourselves into our eyes watching the universe, and the universe has responded by making fractal our senses.  we split a photon, a vibration, a molecule into irreducible qualities.   we taste and vomit nebulae.

my universe is completed and voided in a pomegranate, and made mundane by the time the peel glistens in the sun.  it’s no big deal that the infinite world has made this shape that has infinite permutive resonance throughout every other shape.  those seeds are toxic waste, they feed naught but a virus that flickers through life for an instant and then is subsumed unto the greater pattern.

proteins write this blog, they pull the letters out of my fingers and through my synapses.  this blog writes my personality and roots-out builds me from dendrite to skin.  you are reading me, creating me with every second, the words resonating in your head have created this blog, this photon, this friend, this person.  you are creating this day and the apple you will eat.

you are light, you are lust, you are obliterated and sent behind another version of yourself and eclipsed and made penumbra and rainbow.  you are a web of sugar spoken to in a different language with only verbs and nouns.  you are tendrils of carmel dripping from the branches of reality, rotted into alcohol and evolved into a society of bark and blade.  you are growing out of yourself.  you are growing out of and into me.  we percieve only each other, only ourselves. 

we are a recursive mirror echoing off into a terminal state where initial deviation leads to negation of initial form.  and an end has finally been reached.


2 Responses to “lust and sugar”

  1. utofbu Says:

    pure poetry

  2. Steve Says:

    Are we the sum of all of our parts or are we the parts themselves? This blog seems to say, “sometimes both,” which I like.

    Reading anything that deconstructs the workings of consciousness as much as this does also gives me that slight, out of body experience, which I also like.

    It’s like staring up at myself from the vantage point of the grease stain on my shirt: a feeling of vertigo that’s upside down and squared.

    It’s kind of like getting stoned, which I miss.

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