red wine and chocolate chips

November 28, 2008

dry red wine and plain ol chocolate chips.  it’s amazing.  the flavors do not complement each other, rather acting as a pallete cleanser to one another.  each mouthful of chips tastes like the first time you’ve had them, and the red wine obliterates the sugary taste off of your tounge.  the after taste is warm, complex, and severely, wonderfully hollow and imbalanced, much like liquor fudge.   you don’t need any goddamn expensive wine, either.  any 5 dollar bottle will do.

the trick is this-you have to strictly alternate.  take two handfuls of chocolate chips in a row, or two sips of wine, and your mouth wonders wtf you are doing to it, because you’re veering away from the aftertaste too far in the same direction.  two sips of wine tastes vile, chemical, and two chomps of chocolate tastes narcotic, decadent, like you can feel your teeth rotting.  one after another is like a well-executed fourth species counterpoint, where each flavor makes a suspension into the next harmonic area, which is then resolved as another suspension is being set up.

the hollow musical harmony of these two tastes is like an open chord voice, like a stack of a root and lower fifth, with a tenth and some set of exotic extentions another octave above.  i guess a perfumer would say it has two heavy ‘top notes’, the dark sweetness and the deep fruit alcohol. 

if you don’t drink wine, you can do the same thing with fruit, especially oranges and grapes.


2 Responses to “red wine and chocolate chips”

  1. Steve Says:

    Dude, are you crazy? Red wine and dark, semi-sweet chocolate are two tastes that are well known to be complimentary. I least I think they are. If they aren’t, then they should be. OK maybe not. But at least I’ve always thought so.

    I stumbled upon the same discovery once while feasting in a gorged, post meal, voluptuary haze over a piece of mud cake and a glass of red wine in a restaurant with my wife a few years ago.

    (Not that you could do this inside any NY restaurants anymore, but) add a menthol or clove cigarette into the mix and its blast off time.


  2. T. Golden Says:

    Dark chocolate and red wine is love for the mouth. You can get away with drinking two-buck chuck and hershey’s, but it is with the extra coin to get high quality.

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